Residence Project

The residential, a typical Tuscan manor house, is offered as a multifunctional space which can be designed by the customer in an all-encompassing and engaging. The malleability spaces suggests comfort, opens up to many different solutions how many ideas and ways of life of those who live there. The typical Italian living space smells of history and contemporaneity designing places for socializing, large and bright spaces.
The loggia view the beautiful Tuscan countryside and outdoor places drive us to liberate creativity and passion. The place of residence of captured moments in history, it contains a variety of functions such as for example the relaxation areas, gym, swimming pool and the SPA. You can enjoy their glass of Tuscan wine and refreshments admiring and living the Italian garden enjoying the company of guests who will have a living space Their dedicated. The outdoor areas, impregnated with lush greenery, will be available numerous cultural and sports activities, games according to the taste of those who live there.


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